the best revenge

As of late, there have been a lot of TV shows and movies out there that seem to have the theme of revenge interwoven throughout them.

The natural reaction to pain is to strike back.
To wound the one who wounded us.
To seek revenge, our own personal justice upon our attacker.

Falling into the mindset of revenge tightens the grip the enemy has on us, and does not lead to the inner peace we so desperately seek when we are hurting, broken, beaten and wounded at the actions of another.

There are only two ways to ensure you are not falling into the lie of seeking revenge:

1. Hand it over to God.

Give your wounding, whether emotional, mental, physical or spiritual over to God. Ask Him to be your justice seeker, and allow Him to deal with the feelings that well up within when you think about the situation.

The best offense is the best defense.

With God as your defender, you will have justice, for He knows what was done to you, and will hold every one to account for their actions one day, your wounder included.

By the way, giving it to God in no way means you are letting your wounder off with no consequences. If you need to break off relationship, post & enforce firm boundaries or safely distance yourself, then do so as He prompts. Just because we don’t see His justice that doesn’t mean God will not see to it on our behalf. As the Holy One, all injustice bothers Him, and will be judged before His throne.

Give it over to God as soon as you realize you need to. This will help ensure you….

2. Live free.

Living well is the best revenge.
-George Herbert

Living free means what the enemy intended to hold you down with becomes ammunition for God to use against him.

In His hands, you will be healed, can be renewed & restored, and live out the live He has planned for you.

I was once told of an old custom of making your enemy carry hot coals upon their head as part of their punishment for their offense towards you.

We don’t need to do that here on earth. As God has carried our punishment for us. He alone is in the position to judge offenses. He alone is to carry out the sentences He will pass. He alone will extend grace and mercy to His people.

Living free means we don’t carry the weight of such wounds within us one moment past when we extend them to God, and ask Him to carry them for us.

The best way to seek revenge?
To let the desire for personal vengeance go, and let our Warrior take the role of our defense, as He was meant to do.

When the feelings of revenge swell up above your hurt and anger, bring them to the cross. Take a good long look back at what Jesus did for us there. If anyone was due to exact His revenge, it was Jesus. Instead of condemning, He forgave. Instead of anger, He offers grace & mercy. Instead of disappointment, He extends His nail pierced hands of love towards us.

For all we have done to nail Christ on the cross, we deserve the full vengeance of God.

Because of His love, shown with His very blood , we instead receive grace and a new start.

Take your new start, and allow Him to help you live your life to your fullest.

Let Him be your Warrior & Shield, and let Him judge those who harm you.

Live your life without the chains of offense dragging you down into the minefields of revenge.

Live free.

2 thoughts on “the best revenge

  1. expectantlylistening March 19, 2015 / 6:04 pm

    This is JUST what I need to read and take to heart today. Live free!


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