snapshots along the way: His focus

What astounds me almost as much as His love?

How Jesus was able to keep His focus, His purpose first and foremost while He was here on earth.

You know, as I was thinking about His character, the fact that He never sinned struck me in a completely different way today.

Yes, He is Holy, and the perfect sacrificial Lamb for my sins.

But when we was with us?

He never sinned.

Think about that for a sec.

When we sin, we either offend God, or one another.

Jesus never lost His focus when He was on earth. He was here to show perfect love.

That means He never swore at anyone, He never used His words to intentionally deliberately harm, but to point out the truth in love.

He never caused another person harm. 


Even more so, He never caused His Father to be ashamed of Him because of His actions.

Stunned with silence.

How many times have we lost our focus, our purpose in our days?  In the heat of the moment, we allow our emotions to take over and dictate our behavior instead of relying on His way out.

Jesus was never ruled by His emotions, but by His Spirit.

Did He cry? Oh yes.  I believe His heart was hurting when His cousin John the Baptist was beheaded while in jail.  I suspect He cried over Lazarus because of those he left behind, Mary & Martha, who’d have been devastated at the loss of their beloved brother & likely provider.  But He kept His focus, and the purpose for which He came in mind.

Did He hunger & thirst? Fasting in the desert for 40 days would suggest He did.  Could He relate to those who were hungry? Feeding the crowd with a simple fish & bread takeout lunch show us He did…

His compassion for us revealed His focus, His love for us revealed His purpose.

The only way Home was with us, and never lost sight of why He was here.

Only His actions could restore us to God.

There was only One Way, and even though He was frightened as the man, the God stood firm by His choice, and kept going.

He continued to love up on the disciples, knowing they would scatter like fraidy cats, deny Him or worse yet, betray Him to the ones who would kill Him.

Even on the cross, He thought of His mother, and ask His best friend to care for her.

He never faltered in His steps towards fulfilling His purpose.

Humanity was the focus of why He came.

His longing to bring us all Home fueled His purpose.

Making a way back Home for all those who were, are lost.

His actions showed that you & I were on His mind all along.

We were always on His mind.

He never lost His focus, or forgot His purpose, and He can help us do the same.

Knowing why we are here and what we are called to do is only the first step.

Asking Him to keep us on track with every step is the part Jesus modeled so well, and longs for us to do as well.

May He become our sole focus as we live out our purpose.



3 thoughts on “snapshots along the way: His focus”

  1. Love this…such great insight into Jesus’ life and His focus. We were always on His mind…yes! I love this line: “Asking Him to keep us on track with every step is the part Jesus modeled so well, and longs for us to do as well.” Which is why we need time with Him day after day and for Him to renew and revive us! Thanks for sharing this encouragement with us at #RaRaLinkup today!


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