Sunday Psalm: Pray Sing a New Psalm

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray.
Is anyone cheerful?
Let him sing psalms.
James 5:13

Lord, I am weary
of my sore muscles,
rattled head,
sensitive hearing,
restless sleep.
I invite You
to show Yourself strong
once again
and move in, through & with me
May Your Presence
be tangible & evident
as I seek You.

The peace
You send
once I humble myself
in prayer
has my spirit leaping
within me,
longing to bust out in
loud, exuberant praise!

You never fail.
You will be with me,
I may stumble
but will not be shaken
when You are my Rock.
Your stronghold of refuge
is always open
to Your beloved,
to me!
Just the thought
that You are for me
brightens my eyes,
brings a glow to my reflection
and warmth to my heart.

Just as the birds joyously
begin their day
with birdsong,
may Your people
start their day with God song,
proclaiming Your praise
all the day long!

Your More-than-Enough
will always be enough for me!



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