Pre-Note: as I am currently taking a week long intense Jane Austen course, it is likely that this week there will be blog posts influenced by the major themes we are studying. As she was a believer, and keen observer I am honored to be able to have such a writer continue to impact my writing, as I too desire to honor God in all I do as well.

Over the years, I have been accused of being sensible.  Someone with a lot of common sense. Someone like Elinor of Sense and Sensibility, or Martha in the New Testament.

There are many times I would agree, but also moments where sense flees from me as I allow my passions to rise too high, and let my emotions dictate my actions….just as Marianne does in the same Jane Austen novel as her sister Elinor, or Mary, sister of Martha who abandons her housework to sit & wonder at Jesus’ feet.

I am awakening to the reality that balance lies somewhere between sense (reason) and sensibility (passion/spontaneity), and beyond.

I need more of His sense-ability.
Unlike Spiderman’s “spidey sense”, this is not an instinct, despite all of us being hardwired to sense God.

This moves us beyond reason, passion and our own abilities, into the supernatural…where He enables us to sense what He wants us to hear, feel, say or do.

Where we can know things we couldn’t otherwise know, like the prophets leading kings to defeat their enemies because God gave them the enemy battle plans through prayer & listening.

When we know we are to do something because we sensed His direction, even though it is something out of the norm.

One of our pastors shared how God recently healed her of a serious throat infection through her obedience to open her mouth, and allow God to touch it until it was healed.

How Peter saw a vision that confirmed he was to encourage ministry to the non-Jews, for they were part of His plan.

How Jesus knew where to go while He was hear on earth.

By plugging in to Him as the source for our direction, we can learn to sense Him in new ways, and grow deeper in love with Him as we learn more about Him in the process.

If God designed us,
Jesus gave His life for us,
and left Holy Spirit to be with us,
why should the fact He wants us to hear from Him directly be a surprise?

It is not about our ability, but rather His.

It is not about our worthiness, but His.

Its not about us, really.  Its about His kingdom, His plans coming alive through us as we sense Him more, and follow Him where He takes us.

That is the kind of sense-ability we all need to help us balance reason & passion. 

Not only will we draw closer to Him, but as we learn to increasingly sense Him, more of us can fall away to reveal more of His hand in our lives!


Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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