where you park becomes your Home

We were all set on a path before we became aware of it.

The legacy of Eden became our starting point along the way.

Our awakening of our situation is not unlike the journey Fanny Price took to Mansfield Park.

That there is something grander awaiting us as we abandon our past and embrace our now. When we accept we we always meant to dwell in His Home, with our Lord.

For the first while, we too have the natural tendency become homesick, and listen to the lure of the past as it attempts to draw us back to our previous home.

But as we embrace our new situation, slowly but surely we become accustomed to it….until it begins to suit us, as we grow into the place we were meant to inhabit.

All too often, unkind words or jolts of painful memories can shake us and rekindle the past.

That is when we have to make a choice again:

Do we park ourselves in the pain, or press into His embrace?

Where we park ourselves becomes our Home.

When we wallow in our sin, we cannot see beyond the sides of the pit we are in.

When we revel in our passions, we disconnect from His love whispers to return to Him.

When we give way to the dark memories, we fail to see His light, ever illuminating the way back Home.

When we fail to spend time with Him, we are more easily led astray into our natural tendencies to wander, especially if we stop listening to His voice.

Where we find ourselves determines how we perceive ourselves as well.

But perception is tomorrow’s topic.

Its time to decide anew each day:

Will you stay where God intended you to live, with Him, and walk in who you truly are?

Or will you wander back to what you believe you deserve, based on who you used to be?





Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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