assault with grace


I am not sure about you, but i love salty things.

I love how even a small amount spreads and brightens the taste of whatever you are eating, enhancing its flavor.

We are to use grace like we love to use salt.

Freely, liberally, appropriately.

Too much salt assaults our systems, causing strain on our kidneys, skin, and can dehydrate us.

Too little salt can cause dangerous imbalances with our electrolytes, and lead to seizures of death.

Using just the right amount of salt? Reaches that sweet spot with our tastte buds while not overpowering our system.

We are to season our speech with grace, as we season our food with salt.

Genuine grace, not grace for show, like the mini salt shakers we find in fancy restaurants or salt substitutes such as flattery.

But not overloaded grace, because everyone’s taste buds are different, we need the Spirit’s guidance on how much we are to use in conversation.

As our Maker knows us all so well, He knows how much grace we need to offer each person we encounter.

We are to be prepared for any opportunity He brings our way to share His grace. Prepared in how we are actively listening to His prompting on when it listen, when to speak, and the right dose of grace for that moment in that conversation with that person.

Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt,so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. Colossians 4:5 ESV

As one who strayed far & deep before Jesus met me, i have a deep appreciation for grace.

May we all season our speech with grace, and bring all that would tempt us to respond otherwise to God as soon as it arises.  For He is more than enough to help us reach out with  His grace.

Just as i so desperately need it every day, so do millions of His children.  Especially those who don’t yet know they are His, or even know that grace is an option for their life.

For the enemy is always attempting to assail us to lose our tempers, speak harshly and tearing one another down.

When we depend on Him to help our thoughts, purify our hearts & guide our words, the enemy is shut out of His Stronghold, where we are truly living for Him.

Let’s carefully listen for His words to speak, for His heart for those we interact with , and for His grace to ooze from us in an offering of worship to our King. May the fragrance of His grace shared through our willing hearts, hands & mouths draw the lost in, to find their heart’s true Home. May we never forget the grace He extended to us, and never fail to worship Him & share His grace day in, day out, all of our days!


7 thoughts on “assault with grace

  1. What a wonderful reminder that we are the salt of the earth, as its so easy to forget. I love how you compares it to having too little salt vs too much salt in out bodies, as we r to let the Spirit guide us. Sweet:-)


  2. I really enjoyed this post. It’s a good reminder to remember who we are speaking to. Their story and path is often different then our own and may be God revealing His grace to them at a different speed.


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