May the Force be with you always

Today is May 4th. Officially Star Wars fans’ favorite day of the year.
Their fave saying to post today?

May the Fourth be with you.

Yet there is a deeper reality to this blessing for those who believe in Jesus. Who have been adopted into the family. Who seek to be led by God, not their circumstances.

The Force is always with those who belong to Him.

Holy Spirit moves in when we accept Jesus for who He really is, our Savior & Lord.

Jesus promised us all when He returned to heaven that He would leave Holy Spirit with us all to guide & lead us here on earth.

You could say the Force that created the universe moves on in within each beloved believer.

Jesus also instructed the disciples to wait for Holy Spirit to come to them.

We tend to run our own way, and when we hit a blockade or pothole ask for His help.

Jesus reminds us we are to wait and follow His lead.

The Father’s love,
The Son’s mercy,
The Spirit’s grace,
give us a legacy of a living hope.

A Force that will not be overturned.

The Force of all that is good, holy, pure, truthful, life giving, restorative, creative & eternal.

This Force lives within each of His.

Isn’t that a wow mind blowing awesome amazing hard to wrap your thoughts around concept?

We don’t need to see this Force, Holy Spirit, to know He is with us.

Our lives become the evidence of His Presence in our lives.

When we respond to His prompts:
people are set free, healed, encouraged, welcomed into the Kingdom.

Holy Spirit is the force for good.

There is no dark side to God.

He is all light, purity & truth in His holiness.

He will never steer us wrong.

Jesus also reminded us that His sheep would know His voice.

Holy Spirit helps us tune in & hear what God has for us to hear, and teach us.

He is fully God in a way we cannot see in body, but can sense with our spirits.

Holy Spirit will always point you towards Jesus & our Abba. They all love to talk about each other, especially to us.

So today, on this sci-fi holiday, I pray:

May the Force,
Holy Spirit,
be with you,

(Make it so, Number One!)


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