Sunday Psalm: We Bring You Praise

We bring You praise,
All the honor
belongs only to You.
You alone are worthy
of a complete offering
where we pour ourselves out
like water before You,
a constant stream
of love & adoration
flowing from us to Your throne.

The fragrance
of a heart
100% sold out for You
brings a smile to
Your magnificent face.

Our praise
You do not need,
for You are complete
without us.

But how You long for
Your beloved
to return to Your embrace
like a mother longing to
hold close her children
after a long time apart.

Your heart beats fervently
for Your bride.
For although You were
already complete without her,
You chose to
woo her back to You,
and make the wake for
her return clear & straight,
though at great personal cost
to You.

Such love,
such devotion,
such arduous adoration.

By Your hand, all came to be on the earth, sky, seas, and above.
Because of Your love,
all have a second chance
at our true Home.
Because of You.

We lift You higher & higher
as we praise You for who You are, and all You have done.

You deserve our all,
our best,
our complete devotion
in return.

We bring You praise,
and honor You again, God.

We will never stop
raising Your praise
& proclaiming Your mighty Name!



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