let it flaw

We impress people with our supposed perfections but we connect with each other over our flaws. -Donald Miller

There is a secret to living connected, to finding real strength.

Be yourself.

And I don’t mean you after you’ve primped, puffed & glammed up and hidden all your imperfections.

The natural you.

The you that has to take a break to slow things down because you have a tendency to rush & forget what you headed upstairs for.

The you that still cries yourself to sleep at night from the rush of memories of the one you lost, or passes away.

The you that has battle scars, and learned His grace & mercy first hand in such a way you have never been the same since.

The you who can’t get it all done, who knows themselves too well to not ask for help.

We all feel that if others knew our weaknesses, we would be ridiculed, passed over or devalued.

Poppycock, God says! Be yourself anyways, even if it means you won’t be liked by everyone.

His kingdom is about merging with us, allowing His strength to fill in the spaces where we need His grace the most, and revealing to the world we are a team.

Me and God.

When I open myself up to Him, sharing my inadequacies and deficiencies, He pours out enough of Himself to meet my need….

His ability meets my flaw in a spectacular show of His glory.

God never asked us to be caught up in the law and the seeking of perfection.

He asks us to rely on Holy Spirit’s power for our flaw, and listen for His voice to speak about everything and anything that matters to us.

But more than that, He wants us so caught up in Jesus’ gaze that we allow Him to fully embrace us.

Flaws and all.

Every notice how you tend to get kinks in your garden hose, despite the fact it was meant to be rounded and bent as it is used?

And how once you resolve that flaw, the water begins to fully flow again?

We tend to allow our flaws to become blocks to His flow.

When we allow our flaws to become the driving force away from Him when we try to hide away in shame, we develop a kink which needs straightening with a careful hand or our flow will be hindered, and we become isolated as we hide.

Its time to let your flaws out, in the safety of His love.

Paul was a fantastically gifted teacher, scholar & writer, yet struggled with his flaws as He was using him.

Look what God did with one mam, sold out to Him, despite his flaws.

We wants to do the same with you and I, today, no matter our flaws.

His flow in our life will amplify our ability beyond the natural as our flaws are open to His touch.

The best community?
Unity with God.
Unity with other flawed believers He is moving within, just as He is in you!

Come out of hiding, fellow flawed ones, and let Him so rise in you that you see His life, love and power flow through you, exceeding beyond your imagination! As He leads, share what He is doing in your life with those who need to hear their flaws don’t disqualify them in His kingdom.

Give Him the power to flow in and through you, not your flaws the power to block Him.


Let Him flow!

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

4 thoughts on “let it flaw

  1. Amen! His power shines brightest through our weaknesses.Thank you for the reminder, sweet one. It has been lovely to meet such wonderful women on the #RaRalinkup who love and accept one another as we are – flaws and all!


  2. There is so much grace in the safety of His love for us. Grace that never judges our flaws but only ever sees our possibilities! I’m so thankful for that today, and your beautiful words, Karla! Your neighbour over at the #RaRaLinkup 🙂


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