its banner time

A banner is a declaration of who an army belongs to and whose name they fight over.

Stronghold- The Secrets Behind the Wall” by Beth Kinder

The Lord is my Banner.

Exodus 17:16

So far today, I have forgotten two things i was supposed to remember to do this morning, and remembered to find something I had been looking for for the past 2 days.

My short term memory has been affected by my recent fall, and I find myself relying more heavily on sticky notes & Keep reminders to keep on top of what I need to know.

The funny thing about this short term memory issue I currently have?

I am so excited every time I read the Word!

He’s making it new, fresh & alive with each Word.

Its as if its for the first time all over again, which for me & my recent studying, is actually true!

These truths I shared above are just a few of the ones I am trying to etch into my heart, and remember every step along the way.

God is the banner over me.

I am His, and He is mine.

I belong to Him, His at great cost.

He fights for me, my Captain.

I am part of His army, lifting His name high for all to see.

If I forget where I put a piece of paper, my favorite pants or my glasses, no biggie in the big picture.

If I forget His banner over me is love, grace, mercy, refuge, truth & so much more?

I might take a blow I wasn’t prepared for, because i stepped out of His Stronghold.

There are two strongholds in the spiritual realm: His, and his enemy’s.

I want my spirit to be living in the True Stronghold, no longer flirting with or stumbling into the enemy’s counterfeit one.

My spirit’s true Home is with its Maker, the One who died for me to become fully His as I was, and who is reshaping me to become who He knew I could be in His hands.

The enemy’s plan is to distract me from His truth, to lure me off the path with a trail of stale breadcrumbs instead of feasting on the Word which gives me life.

I need to know who He is in order to remember who I am, & come fully to life in His hands.

God is my Banner.

He is More than Enough.

He is Love.

He is Truth.

He is covering me, and has it all covered.

All my hope is in Him.

His promises never fail.

He is my anchor in the storms.

Dig deep into the Word.

He is a treasure within just waiting to be found!

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