come out from under the weight

I recently had a hair cut.
Really, I had a full head & style makeover, which began as a frustrated woman having problems taming her wild curls.

I have accepted I have wild locks, but felt I needed a more “professional” look for work & an upcoming conference I will be attending.

It is amazing what a small change can do for your whole look.

Coz really, cutting off some hair shouldn’t have that kind of an impact on your outlook in life.

Or does it reflect something deeper?

I have a tendency to hide away behind my curly shaggy mane, and observe more than plugging in to what is going on.

Yesterday morning, during worship, I felt God call me out from hiding. To stand up straight and step fully into who He has designed for me to be.

Not just no more hiding myself away, but embracing what is to come with one obedient step after another.

Hiding ourselves away, for whatever the reason, stunts our growth, or in my case allows what doesn’t need to be growing to blossom and overshadow me.

“Come out of hiding, Beloved.
I want to see you.”

Its time to leave behind, break free from the enemy tools that enable us to hide ourselves away so well:

F ear

A nxiety

I nsecurity

R ebellion

We cannot become more fair when we allow these poisonous roots to grow unchecked within, for they try to turn us from looking at the Son.  We need to cut off the dead weight with His help, and plant faith in their place.

Join me as we lift our eyes & lock our gaze on God’s.  Inviting our Abba to love up on us, Jesus to set us free & cleanse us, Holy Spirit to comfort & guide us.

God already knows us down to the most miniscule of details.

Hiding only hurts the one we are hiding away – ourselves.

May we move into the light as we live for Him, and refuse to hide who we really are any longer! Come into His Presence, and discover your true identity!


Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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