when it rains….

There is an awful lot of storming going on around right now.

Chaos attempts to take over previously peaceful shores.

Grey clouds try to block the sun as far as the naked eye can see.

Heavy weights falls on shoulders not strong enough to take the load.

When it rains this kind of rain, we need to drop to our knees.

We cannot break through to the Son until we admit how desperately we need Him at the first glimpse of the storm.

Only He knows whether it’s a hail storm, hurricane, tornado or sun shower headed our way.

Asking for His help ensures we have the One who sees what is up ahead guiding us through what is to come.

Instead of it being a weakness, our bowing down & pressing in close  enables Him to strengthen us beyond our physical abilities.

We can come through and overcome any storm, any rain when God is with us..

All around me, I am seeing pain, hurt, crisis,  instability.

I am also learning to sense God more in the moment, to depend on His rock solid stability, never-changingness, dependability, constant Presence.

The more the storm swirls & rages, the closer I try to be to God. 

Because He is the only anchor that will remain.

For money changes hands in the blink of an eye, physical beauty & health fade over time, losses & grief are inevitable.

Only God remains above, through, in, with and beyond it all.

When the hard times rain, He will fill you with all you need to make it through.

He not only is with us in it, He covers us from its worst.

He alone is our safety & refuge in the storms of life.

Today the rains around me have accelerated into tornado warnings. The winds have picked up over the waves, which are beginning to rock.

I am holding my peace, because I am holding onto the Prince of Peace for dear life.

And He is holding me, my Anchor through the storms, through it all.


6 thoughts on “when it rains….”

  1. This is what I needed yesterday! (I ended up not only clinging to Him but found a way to praise Him in the storm.) This is beautiful writing. I love your style and it’s Truth. Be blessed!


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