The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance. I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me. I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.
*Psalm 16:6-8 ESV

The path has been quite rocky over this most recent leg of this journey.

Changes left & right have caused me to recenter & stand firm on the unshakeable truth: God alone is my sure foundation.

I have had to take a step back & closely examine what matters most to me, and He has been reshaping me on the inside while the storms swirl around me on the outside.

By the way, a storm is anything that tries to knock you on your Foundation.  It can be a temptation, a spiritual attack, a crossing of a boundary, a sudden loss….any unexpected change, big or small.

God has been quietly prompting me to allow Him to set my boundary lines, and giving me the strength to hold fast to Him as I do.

Boundary #1: God time is in permanent marker in my schedule, wherever & whenever He wants. 

Allowing Him ownership blesses my time, makes me more confident He is with me & more productive at all I do.

Boundary #2: Self care under His direction is not selfish.

This includes enforcing my need for balance. Too much work at a time leaves me exhausted & drained. As part of my work is freelance, I now have boundaries on when I will/will not work which God is helping me reinforce.

Boundary #3: After God, my family is more important.

God didn’t just randomly refer to children as treasures or gifts we were never meant to unwrap. Your spouse is to be your best friend, the one you go to first after God with whatever is bugging you. God wants us to have daily family time, however that can look for your family. Meals, DVD, walking, laughing, worshipping together…. We miss the tight bonds God planned for us when we fail to put family ahead of all else after Him.

Boundary #4: Saying no is to be welcomed when it is enforcing a boundary, and/or following His leading.

I have a hard time with this one, as several people around me like to try and bypass my no. What is urgent to them is to become my urgent project to be immediate dealt with. If I am already working, or on a day off, I need to say no or not yet.  If they can’t accept it, that isn’t my problem. As the Polish saying goes, “Not my circus, not my monkeys!”

The reality is: I am not on call 24/7 to anyone but God or my family.

I suspect I am not the only one who needed to read that truth today. If your ‘no’ is not being respected, then quite honestly the requester is not respecting you. Stand up for yourself, and if you have to, take a stand. I have left a job I was very good at because my employer crossed the boundaries I had clearly set. As much as I hated doing so at the time, it was the best thing I could have done for myself to learn how to enforce my boundaries, knowing God was with me as I did so. No means no.  God will back you for standing firm on a boundary He has helped you set.

Boundary #5: God & I together are free to change, adapt or create new boundaries at any time. I don’t need anyone else’s permission to follow His lead.

Now, if I do something completely out of character or fall into sin, it will become obvious to those around me whether God is in it or not. We are known by our actions & their fruit, not only our words. We are to be considerate & honor one another, and at the same time we are not be someone else’s doormat to be walked all over at their convenience.

I speak from experience that I have learned the difference between serving & being a slave.

I will not head back into the chains God rescued me from.

I had spiritually cowered like Piglet for way too long, being timid and afraid to speak up for myself. Allowing God to direct me into healthier living has enabled me to see that where He wants me to step, in His Presence, will lead me towards becoming the ‘me’ He designed me to become.

Final Thoughts:

I don’t need to apologize when I improve for the better, when Holiness & Love grip me so tight I become broken to be rebuilt into something better & more precious: More His.

My boundaries all lead back to freeing myself to live more fully in the wide open spaces of His love, mercy, grace & Presence, where He is constantly with me.

So the winds will continue to try & sweep me off my feet. Let them come, I say:

Because if I am already on my knees, I will not be shaken.

God’s promise: When I stay close to Him & follow His lead, He’s got me solidly 100% on His grip.


In His strength, I can stand firm and hold my ground when the storms circle about me.

Hold fast, dear ones.
God knows the way ahead, and the way through.
He’s got you.

3 thoughts on “holding fast

  1. Oh my goodness. I must tell you how God just used this post in my life’s situation.

    First off, every point you made on here is basically where I/we are at as a family too. In fact, the Lord has been leading me to buy the book The Best Yes by Lysa T. and possibly participate in her online Bible group for it….because making wise choices is a God thing and what I need to learn more about right now…less people pleasing disguised as good deeds ( you know how satan likes to pressure us but sometimes in the moment we don’t see it’s a window he can creep in, we see it as…I’m supposed to help, help, help, save the day etc…)?

    Secondly, the issue going on is that I had prayed and prayed for opportunities or something to help (there that word is again) my husband out financially and I felt like God opened the perfect door for me to babysit this summer. I have just the right amount of kids and it does help out! He worked it out perfect for the summer. I also home school (during the regular school season) and I had 2 of the moms ask if I could watch their kids even after school started. Long story short, I already knew about 99 percent that the Lord only said yes to the summer thing and “nope, that wouldn’t be wise past then” but the “buts and what ifs” popped in my mind. I was actually pondering the opportunity back and forth and really thought the money would help and that m.a.y.b.e it was a God thing, that maybe I was just mistaken, because the details of when the moms would drop them off and pick them up seemed perfect. Even the day I said I could NOT watch them during the week was perfect, a mom said no problem, her mom would keep her kid that day. Seemed to good to be true. So I hope a person could see where I wasn’t sure at the time if maybe just maybe, God was making a way to make more income even during this time….

    What I did not see or think about was the lack of quality 1 on 1 time I would get with my kids during the day, and the fact that home schooling is supposed to be flexible, that is partly why we did it…and I was tying myself up before the fall even got here. I was making my bed for a whole year already!!

    I get up with my husband at 2:30am for work usually and this morning I could NOT go back to sleep. I started praying since I apparently wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon and I asked the Lord to please (this has been a prayer for over a week now because now I put myself in a pickle by telling these moms yes and possibly…whereas if I’d just heeded God I would not be in this mess) give me a word from Him to make sure I heard Him right so I can really know if I should suck up my pride (pride…yuck..get it out…) and tell them look I jumped the gun…I can’t do this. I heard the scripture Proverbs 11:28 in my mind and after fighting getting back up out of bed for an hour I finally looked it up (yes my flesh has been putting up a fight this week).

    The verse said “Trust in your money and down you go, but trust in the Lord and flourish like a tree.” WOW!!! So the scripture you posted about how God’s Word in your heart instructs us in the night was totally what happened. I trust in God I do. And I desire my time with Him more than anything. He is showing me I don’t need to feel guilty about this, that I don’t have to feel obligated to do these other things that “seem” like wisdom but will actually suck the life (spiritual life) right out of me. Yes I may have more money if I go that route and He won’t ever hate me for it (He is love) but not all things are for my benefit and also He is a God of order and peace and rest. I think now after having the night/morning I just did…He has given me the courage to go forth and say what needs to be said to undo the wack job I just did on my future (my kids year too) so I can be at peace and know I will be in His will, which was to stay in tune with Him, this intimate place, focus on what really matters and write about how much I love Him and what I have learned. To write and blog the way I feel He wants me to, it’s going to take prayer, anointing and focus. I can not be scattered, half calked or trying to be super woman for everyone. So I am sorry I just wrote you a novel, but one from believer to another I thought it a good time to encourage you and say God just used this piece to nudge me in the correct direction. Timely. Ever so timely. I will end with a quote from Lysa T I just saved to my phone this morning right before I read your post….”Not every opportunity is meant to be my assignment.” Thanks and God bless, I truly look forward to reading more.


    1. thanks so much for sharing your experience with me, Meg. It’s an honor. I find it so funny how what one of us writers posts one day is perfectly what another one needs to hear, and vice versa. God is so cool! May He always provide for all your family’s needs as you put Him first!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. He is. Bless you as well!!


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