Our brokenness opens us to a deeper way of sharing our lives and offering each other hope.   -Henri Nouwen

Yesterday, I had an overloading revelation while listening to a guest speaker at my church.

He reminded me of a verse that God has been whispering into my spirit a great deal lately:

They defeated the enemy through the blood of the Lamb & the bold word of their witness. – Rev 12:11 MSG

My testimony is filled with brokenness.

But covered in His blood as I stand under the shadow of His wings, He can use my testimony to bring hope to the broken around me.

For my broken bits have as much value as my gifts & talents in His hands.

Nothing is wasted in His Kingdom.

My history becomes HiStory when I open my mouth to speak or sing it or lift my hands to type it.

For my brokenness has been where God has moved in me the most, for it is where I depend all the more on His strength.

My brokenness reveals Him through my scars.

Like tattoos, each scar tells a story of where God met me in that broken moment, showing how He restored, healed, comforted, guided me beyond it.

My imperfections highlight His perfection.

No matter the struggle, the skirmish or hardship, God has proven Himself over & over to be with me in every single moment of brokenness I have encountered on this earth. He can be the Hope you need in your brokenness too.

May He shine through your gifts & talents, but even all the more through the cracked glimpses into Your former brokenness.

May your testimony smear hope on the hearts of all who hear, see or read it, and draw them closer to the Hope-giver.

All our hope can be and is found in Him.

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