whines, how longs & putting it out there

It’s time to come clean.

I used to have a ‘Why me’, whiny tendency which ran deep.

Very deep, in fact it was my go to inside voice.

When God met me, one of the first things He pointed out to me was my need to whine.

For me, at that time, it was a need, because I wasn’t speaking out about what was bothering me in any other way.

Instead He reminds me I can tell Him how I am really feeling.

And I usually do, unless I get myself too busy without enough time set aside to hang out with Him.

So when I catch myself whining or complaining, I arrange to head to my refuge, the secret place where God & I meet.

I can bring myself just the way I am before Him. I can lay my whines, my how longs, why me and anything else weighing on me, and tell Him about it.

All of it.

No holds barred.

Keeping nothing back.

Pouring myself out of all the junk & stress makes room for more Him to refill me.

His peace in place of my whines.
His strength in the waiting.
Reassurance of who I am to Him.
Enough grace, mercy and hope for that day.

For His Presence is like manna.

Designed to be taken in a daily dose, to be all we need and more than enough for all we will face that day.

Join me today and trade in your junk for His joy.

Like manna, the miracle is found in the Provider, not His provision on its own.

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