when you need a reminder, Who do you call?

This morning, I made a boo-boo very unlike me.

As a person with natural organizational gifts (the credit is His), my schedule is usually a thing of beauty. Everything scheduled into its proper place.

Over my morning chai, I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was off. As my baby graduated from high school last night, I initially pushed it aside.

However, i have learned to ask Holy Spirit before I push something aside mentally to bring that thought or feeling back if it is something I need to deal with ASAP.

Within ten minutes, I had had the thought I need to work the early shift today return & continually come to mind. In fact, the prompt would not go away.

So I grabbed my brekkie, and headed for work.

And contrary to both my paper & online schedules, I was indeed booked to work the whole day today.

I only made it on time because I asked Holy Spirit to take the lead, and I followed.

Are there things you wish you could recall too?

Holy Spirit is already within you if you are one of the Beloved. He is there to guide, lead & counsel us in wisdom.

Especially if we are actively seeking Him- in everything, big & small.

I only made it to work because I asked Holy Spirit to prompt me in case I had made a mistake.

God has never failed to lead me when I have earnestly sought His guidance.

May You too encounter this aspect of His character, and draw strength, comfort and wisdom in every area as you submit your schedule to the Wisest one of all!



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