free to be

Today is Canada Day, and Independence Day for our neighbors to the south is fast behind.

These dates remind me of the cost of freedom.

Much blood has been shed, and even more prayer, hope & dreams invested in freedom around the world.

And yet, we still have slavery, prejudice, racism & hatred in the forefront of many news stories.

It isn’t enough to be free.

We need to stay free.

Free to not make those same bad choices we may have made in the past.

Free from seeing others through our selfish human viewpoint.

Free to be all God desires for us to be.

We are not called to judge one another.  God is more than enough and capable of handling that role without us.

We are called to love, and proclaim freedom in His Name, for His ways.

We need to stay free of stepping into the role of judge.  We are to be His hands & feet, walking free and speaking His freedom for all.

Does that mean we don’t comment on the atrocities going on in the world around us?

Not at all, because God’s heart is breaking over the hurt caused in the wake of full blown sin.

We are called to help heal the wounds, not add to them.

We are called to help set the captives free. Love up on hurting hearts. Pray for those who don’t yet know they are meant to be free to encounter Him.

We are free to leave the judgment to God. His Word speaks for itself as to what His standards are. The cross shouts His love to open hearts. His Spirit speaks to those who are listening.

We are free to be ourselves, and love the world as He leads us to love them.  How that looks for you may be very different than it does for me, because of how we are gifted.  God uses each of us as He purposes, for His glory.

We were set free at a great cost, in the ultimate battle.
God won.

May we press in close to Him, as His Spirit leads us into greater & deeper freedom. 

May we share His freedom & His heart, and allow God alone to be the judge.

May we hear where we are to best serve, and wholeheartedly do so for His glory.

We are all free to choose how we interact with one another.

His choice was your freedom.


Let Your freedom be part of our battle cry, Lord.

May we worship with abandon, and freely love as You have loved us.

Forever grateful.


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