God’s love is….real

I have had a rough few days.
I have been feeling rather unlovely & unlovable, which came to a head this morning.

God reminded me that my emotions are tied to what is happening with my body as I am being a bit battered physically… and He is with me.

He wants me to rest in Him, and be refilled from the inside out.

He wants me to accept His love for me today, and allow it to set me free from the lie causing me such inner pain.

When we allow our circumstances to dictate our behaviour, we end up in a prison of our own making.

God doesn’t want any of His children bound in chains.

His love is living Holy love which sets the captives free.

In Egypt His love rescued His people.

On the cross, His love rescued all people.

For all of us are His, whether we know it or not.

What Maker doesn’t want to know how His creation turned out?!

Love moves Him to repeatedly reach out & speak to us.

Love caused Him to come live amongst us, wrapping flesh around His beating heart & extending His hands towards all.

A love like that has got to be real.

Because no one dies for a fake love. Self preservation is too prevalent within humanity for someone to go to the cross the way He did, and lie about why.

God openly & publicly allowed His love to be brutally lifted up…and even those who hadn’t been raised to know Him recognized Him as God.

This love never stops pursuing us, because His heart wants us free & whole with every fibre of His being.

His love is REAL.

His love is really for you.

Breathe in, and repeat out loud:

Your love, O Lord reaches to the heavens, yet wants to live & beat within me. Show me today a glimpse of how much You love me, and help me not to miss it when You show me.  Let Your love permeate me in a tangible real way, and coat me as it sinks deep within.  I declare I am Yours, and You are mine, forevermore.


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