Guilt and shame only serves one purpose: it robs you of today’s peace.

-Rock Paper Scissors Foundation tweet

How often do you let your history or emotions in the enemy’s hands suck the peace right out of you?

The first hand raised right now is mine.

I have let the liar have way too much room to move in my life.

And I am stirred up about it.

But not just angry, because anger without purpose is self destructive too.

I am determined to close access within to the enemy, and lock him out of His former playground.

You hear me, enemy.

I am the bought & paid for property of Jesus, and He alone is to be the renovator of this temple.

Just coz you used to sneak in doesn’t give you full access to the place, now that Jesus holds the keys.

Yes, I did some stuff I was ashamed of while under your influence, I did even more just coz I could.

Jesus knows my full history, and has erased the USB drive of all that data. So although it happened, it doesn’t need to shape me for the negative any longer.

No more guilt,
No more shame.

God has gifted me with peace in their place, and I intended to allow resting in Him & peace to take over all the spaces that may need filling in this temple.

If I am His, and He is mine, you aren’t invited to this dance any longer.

Peace out, enemy.

Oh you may try to pull the wool over my eyes now and then, but our breakup is permanent.

You’ve met my Groom, I seem to recall. Things don’t go so well for you when He walks in the room, or shows up to break up your party.

Oh, and by the way, I know how the war ends.

And I am on the winning side.

Steep in the peace of knowing who you are in Christ, sisters & brothers, each and every morning. Let His Word stay fresh in your minds, and may you hear the Spirit guiding you through the day ahead. Jesus has got you covered, and Abba is keeping a close watch over you.

Peace in, Beloved.


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