Sunday Psalm: Breakthrough is Coming

Open up the heavens, we wanna see You.
Open up the floodgates, a mighty river flowing from Your heart
filling every part of our praise.

-Meredith Andrews

When I feel blue or
down in the dumps of
my despair,
You breathe
the truth of who You are
into my spirit,
and stir my heart
back to life:

Breakthrough is coming.

No matter how it looks,
however You choose
to set me free, Lord
I willingly accept it.

For not only is freedom
just ahead,
You remind me
it is not based on
anything I can do
to earn it.
My part is to receive.

But Breakthrough
and Freedom are
one & the same…
for they are found in You,

Living breathing
fully man & fully God
wherever You walk in,
Your freedom abounds.
When You speak,
Breakthrough obeys
Your command.

So I will continue to wait,
praising You for who You are,
seeking all You have for me.

In Your time,
from Your hand,
for Your glory,
may the breakthrough
I am waiting for
& You have promised
come to be.


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