weary aches

Last night, after very busy week, i crashed. My core within me is telling me to rest.

So today, I am. And I am trying not to feel guilty about it as all the things I could be doing instead flash in my mind.

Just because I could doesn’t mean I should.

I because I can doesn’t mean I will.

So this week, I started saying no.

And yes.

No to what will cause me to feel more weary, yes to more rest.

And deep within, I know God is pleased I am doing so.

Lord, may we walk, run, jump, write, sing, love, do all we are mean to do at Your pace.
In Your timing.
For Your glory.
With Your grace.

I lay my weariness down, and arise in Your strength.

Because I can’t, You can.

Because I won’t, You will.

I am ever grateful that Your Kingdom doesn’t work the way we think it should, but the way You want it to!

Rest deep, my friends, in His purpose for each of you.

May His embrace give you all you will ever need for the race ahead.

For His Beloved, He gave His all.

For His children, He continues to do the same, in every need they have!

My weariness ebbs away as I hear You speak this truth to my soul. 🙂

I am Yours.


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