5 things about falling stars

It is hard to go for long without hearing about another star or icon coming crashing down from the heights they had been raised to.

Whether a failed marriage or a more secret sin, millions of people find delight in discussing the fall of the stars.

While God’s heart breaks over the same situation.

I am gonna take a leap here and share a few things I have learned about God, and how He feels about the falling stars.

1. God doesn’t take delight over our falls.

Nope. I don’t think He liked having to kick satan, one of His creation after all, and his followers out of Heaven, coz the God I know doesn’t delight over our consequences for our bad choices.  He delights when we draw close to Him & choose His way.

God’s heart breaks over each woman battered, each person with a broken heart, each man fired unjustly, every person left homeless, each outcast.

Which leads me to point #2.

2. God never stops loving us, despite all we have done.

Because He so loves whom He created.

He has never stops reminding us so since Adam & Eve.

His love does not mean He agrees with our behavior, it means He loves us despite all we are capable  of doing.

3. God never stops offering those who fall a nail scarred hand up.


His grace is available for all, regardless of what they have done.

Coz He wouldn’t be all encompassing love if He left one of us out.

His love isn’t conditional upon our behaviour, His backing us is.

When we choose His ways, He blesses us.

When we don’t choose His ways, He continues to offer a hand & shine His light on the right path, but waits for us to admit our wrong & take hold of His hand.

4. There is nothing that has been done God cannot forgive.


And we are capable of some nastiness underneath our outer shells, aren’t we?

Because many of us have become great actors to cover up the ugliness lurking below the surface.

5. There is hope right to the end.

I firmly believe God never stops offering His love to us.  I believe in that split second before the end, God may make one last attempt to offer us His hand of love. 

Because I believe His love is that amazing, that loving.

Because He never stops loving us, ever.

Everything those of us who fall publically, like the Bill Cosbys and those who take our secrets to the grave.

Today, there are four things He is putting on my heart for us to do:

1. Ask Him to help you see those in public office, sports or the arts for who they really are,  people just like you & I who happen to have high profile jobs.

2. Pray for those you read about in the news who have fallen, that they would see the Light who is reaching out to them. 

3. Pour out your sin, worries & heart before Him.  Let Him wash you clean, and rekindle His love in your heart. 

4. Go out & shine that Love wherever you go, for each person you encounter needs Him whether they know Him yet or not.


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