she will be loved…

There is a song by a popular band that caught my attention a few days ago when God brought the name of the song to mind….”She will be loved.”

Then I realized He was talking about me.

That little girl within me that still doesn’t feel loveable or worth being loved?

God was speaking to her directly.

But not in the same tense as the song….

For I AM loved, and ALWAYS will be loved.

And so are you.

Some of you, like me, will wrestle with this word today.

And you, like me, need to let go, and just receive it as the amazing gift it is.

His love.

For whether you or I accept it or not, it is true.

You ARE loved, and ALWAYS will be loved.

No matter what you do.
No matter what you think.
No matter where you go.
No matter what you have done.
No matter what has been done to you.

No matter what you can come up with, His love is yours.

No matter what.

YOU are loved.

He loves YOU.

HE loves you.


Take the time you need, and read this out loud. Let His truth soak into your spirit, and permeate your heart, mind, soul.

Accept it as it is. An eternal truth behind your full comprehension.

Receive it. Allow Him to prove His love to & for you, and allow yourself to feel it.

Find the words He has for you in the Word which tell you how much He loves you. Write them out, print them off or make them your screensaver.

(PS. One of my faves is Romans 8:37-38 🙂


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