don’t stop believing

I was reminded again by the classic Journey song, “Don’t Stop Believing” to cling tight to His promises Wed night.

It has taken a while to process how that line has impacted me.

God may have laid a dream on your heart too, and it hasn’t come to pass yet.

The two key words in that statement?

1. God.
Everything He says is true. If you can find it in Scripture, and it has been confirmed, it is likely true. If not, it wasn’t a God dream but a mirage. If it is something that doesn’t seem like you’d need God to accomplish or receive it, I find those words especially need to be taken to the Word, His Presence & wise counsel for His clarification. If it turns out not to be a word you need to internalize or invest in, let it go.

2. Yet.
All God says will come to pass? It will come to pass, even if you can’t see it yet.

Just because you can’t see the air you breathe doesn’t mean it isn’t still there. 🙂

God’s timing is released when He wants it released into our lives:

  • for the most fruit possible
  • for our best
  • for His glory
  • for His Kingdom

The main key to unlock the dream He has given you?


According to your faith, let it be done to you. -Matthew 9:29 NIV

If you believe God can make happen what He has said will happen, then He will.

His capability is not the question, our faith, our belief is.

God IS the God of the miraculous.

What He has promised WILL come to pass.

In His timing.

Hold fast to Him & the promises He has spoken into your life.

His timing may seem like its taking forever, but with forever & your best in mind, they will come to pass because He wills it!


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