Sunday Psalm: Relentless Love

You carry us, carry us
when the world gives way
You cover us, cover us
with Your endless grace
Your love is relentless!
– Hillsong United

You placed the entirety of Your heart into the plan
You have for bringing us
back to You.
His plan will not fail,
because His passionate pursuit
of those He adores
is never ending,
ever loving,
ever wooing,

He does not give up
on His Beloved.
He continues to speak,
comfort, bless & shine
on all the world,
longing for the ones
who have not yet
understood His pursuit
nor accepted His heart
& His offering.

This relentless love
longs to keep you close
under cover,
safe in His embrace.
When you cannot keep
going, He picks you
up & carries you.

Today, God,
I receive Your relentless love
for me.
I can’t say I fully understand it,
but I accept it
as the gift I have always longed for
and will always need.



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