When I turned 19, I allowed emotional turmoil to lead me away from the faint whisper calling me to step towards the unknown on a certain path.

It was another 3 years before I accepted His invitation to come, but I missed the signal of my calling in my thrill of becoming a wife & mother.

Scoot forward 21 years.

I begin to hear the call again to step into the unknown up ahead, but fixing my eyes on my circumstances instead of solely on my God, I behaved no differently than the Israelites on the cusp of moving into their Promised Land.

I was too worried about how we would provide & what we needed to survive than I was trusting in my Provider. I couldn’t fathom how it could be.

How that denial from deep within grieved me, and disappointed Him.

Last night, Labour Day, at a worship night, God released me from my fears of ‘how’ into jumping in with complete abandon & a whole hearted Yes.

I don’t know what the Promised Land He has for me is going look like.

But He does.

I refuse to allow my imagination, seeming intelligence or emotions to lure me down the red herring path again.

Instead I am going to fix my eyes firmly on the Promise Keeper.

You see, in a flash of understanding, i finally understood I likely won’t understand what’s up ahead until I have already moved into it & beyond.

Beyond the beyond is where my new future will become my godly legacy, in His firm capable hands.

Because He won’t let me fail if I am following where He is leading, for He is my Promise, my foundation.

So I don’t need to worry, become anxious, or fear what is just beyond my vision & comprehension…..

Because I know the One who is my PROMISE.

And His Word never fails.
His plans always come to pass.
His love never fades.
My future is secure in Him.

I have had a glimpse of what He may have ahead for me and its both exhilarating & more than terrifying at the same time.

I will not be able to do it without leaning heavily on Him for strength & support.

But fear can only grip me if I remove myself from His grip.

So I cling to my Promise Keeper, believing & trusting on the border that the new path into the Promised Land ahead will be revealed to me as I obey the call to step before I can see.

For as I step in obedience, He will illuminate both the foggy path & the dark within me He wants to set free.

And as I walk, I become part of the Promise He has for me.

My legacy is not the failure to follow of my past, but the daily obedience to follow where He is leading me in this next moment.

May I become all You hope for me to be, God.

May my apprehension about moving into this unknown Promised Land die in the light of Your Presence.

May my Promise Keeper constantly remind me He is with me, every step of the way.

2 thoughts on “into the unknown Promised land

  1. inspiredtolivefully says:

    What sweet, confirming words of grace here. I join you stepping before I can see. I am stepping with a resounding “YES Lord!” I am even daring to turn my trepidation into an excited trot into the unknown. This is the 5th confirmation in less than a week that I’m headed in the right direction. Blessings to you today. Happy to be visiting from #Raralinkup

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much ;). Glad He is using these words for blessing! #RaRaLinkup


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