who am I?

Sometimes I feel like someone else and I know I’m getting closer to who I really am.


I am getting to know myself a bit more each day.

This elusive me, the best me I can be, seems at times just beyond my reach or over the horizon.

And infuriatingly at moments seems even further away when i fail to hear His voice.

To be honest, some days i don’t feel like the real me.

Because i am too busy acting upon the other voices telling me who i am to be, to listen to Him.

When I feel the most me?

I am with Him.

Which makes complete sense.

For if i am connected with my Maker, i will be living out my most important ‘me’ role, His Beloved.


If i am the most ‘me’ when i feel connected, at one with Him, then the more we are together, the more clearly i will be able to see myself. Especially through His eyes.

I can become the ‘me’ He designed when I am in His company, or the company of those who are part of the Body, and connected to our same Maker.

Let’s draw closer to the One who will help us be the true ‘me’ we all desire to be: the ‘me’ He has planned to be.

We may not see it yet, but God isn’t limited by our lack of long distance vision or seeming lack of provisions. He not only knows our true ‘me’, He best knows how to birth it, bring it to life within us.

Here’s to the me makeovers He has in store for each of us!

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