clinging tightly


When my children were babies & toddlers, they used to cling tightly to me when we were in new situations or meeting new people.
As a mum, I adored those pressing in close snuggly opportunities which helped build their trust as they learned they could count of me to protect them.

As a little girl, my world shifted suddenly with the early death of my father and need for my mother to head to work full time. I felt unanchored, a feeling which stayed with me for more than a decade until I encountered God, and everything shifted once again.

Before Him, I tried clinging to my friends, boyfriends, my wit & sarcasm, music, reading & writing…..but all fell short of meeting the deeply rooted need for security which was begging to be watered as only God can.

Because clinging to anything but Him leaves us empty handed instead of tightly held.

We were made to be “cling ons” to Hope. Not the kind of window clings which unattach themselves as the elements change, nor the kind of Klingons who wreak havoc wherever they go.

We are meant to cling tightly to the One we were always meant to be rooted in.

The Only One who is our Rock solid security.

Whose foundation will never fail, whose embrace will always reek of grace & mercy, whose love for you & me is never ending, forevermore!

I am no longer ashamed about picturing myself clinging to His feet, pouring my heart out in worship, adoration & petition.

I am not ashamed of needing my hand held, despite being well into adulthood.

I know how desperately I need to be lead, fed, cared for & protected as I go through each day.

And I intend to cling on to Him, my Life Giver, for dear life as I move through the moments of each day.

The best parts of increasingly clinging on to Him?

He delights in holding on to us too! And He will never let us go.

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