keep it hidden equals safe?

Keeping things hidden does not equal safety.

Unlike the ring from Lord of the Rings, hiding your stuff will not make you more secure or keep you safe.

Let me share what I am meaning as best I can, for I do not mean the kind of hiding when you are physically hiding out in secret from an abusive spouse.

As a young child, I learned that if I asked where my dad was, my mom would become upset. So I kept my longing for my dad a secret for many years.

That secret became a foundation for insecurity which was not healthy for me, and undermined my soul & spirit until I brought it into the light & laid it before Jesus.

On top of that longing for my father, a second layer became added. I was pressed upon not to tell, and to keep it a secret, when I was molested as a preteen.

Add to the fact there were unusual family circumstances, and the young me spent more time retreating into her books and time alone.

I discovered a secret place for me to hide away in at that time, and any time I got stressed out over the secrets I was carrying. I headed there for the peace it offered.

But it was only a temporary escape.

Life continued to challenge me with secret keeping to cover the sins against me, and the next logical step was to cover my own sins in secret.

I continued to allow secrets to eat away within at me until I met Jesus.

And the reality of secret keeping as a coverup became blatantly necessary to do away with.

So I did, after pouring my heart out to God, receiving His healing & freedom, in His strength i shared with my mom that secret about being molested.

The release I felt was almost indescribable as the weight of what had been hidden was released from within.

Now I am not suggesting keeping that upcoming surprise party to yourself is a bad thing.

But I no longer use the word secret.

I will keep a confidence if I am entrusted with one.

I will not share in covering up a secret sin in anything other than the shadow of the cross.

Secrets tore apart Adam & Eve in the garden. Caused David to orchestrate murder. Led to a family line being blotted out over their secret foreign stuff stash, and a married couple to be instantly slain for sharing a secret lie over what was rightfully theirs anyways.

Secrets like these don’t lead to abundant life.

For God’s Kingdom is available for all, and becomes more transparent & known the more you seek it.

There is only one secret i know God takes delight it, and that is when we head to our secret place to commune face to face with Him.

When we meet with Him, we connect in such a way the enemy cannot follow us there, for our secret place is hidden in His Stronghold.

Keeping a secret to cover up a struggle within or a pattern of sin? Don’t want your secret to come about because you are scared of the consequences you might be facing?

It is time to give it up.

God knows about it anyways. He knows all, sees all, and there is nothing you have done, heard or kept secret that He is unaware of.

So why damage ourselves on the inside where God is longing to release more of Himself?

The more you give up what holds you back or hurts you, the more room God has to hold you & heal you.

Secrets block that expanse of His Presence which He has waiting for each of us.

Our relationship with Him will improve as we strip bare to our true selves before Him, and ask Him to help & guide us. To become transparent in what really matter, living a life He is pleased with.

The only hiding God wants His Beloved to do is found in His embrace, safe in the secret place.

Come and be there with Him today. No more hiding, no more shame. Freedom awaits in the expanse of grace He longs to give those who trade in their secrets & sin for the treasures He offers in this most beautiful of exchanges.


Come out of hiding in the Secrets you have been keeping. Enter the safety of Truth’s embrace.

Recommended music for a time of worship as you enter His Presence to pray today, and long to lay your hidden things before Him:

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