take the safe road or choose safe company?


Maybe safe is about the company you keep and not about the road you take?

Eve, William Paul Young

When the road is filled with potholes, traffic jams and roadblocks, it is easy to feel unsafe.

When the winds are howling, the rains torrential & the waters rising with every passing second, you can feel battered and shaken.

When you sense loneliness or unease in a crowd.

I have come to learn that it is the company you choose to keep you which matters, not always the company you keep.

I am now able to walk into all the places I work, worship or travel to without anxiety or fear for my safety.

Because I know the One holding me.

As much as I love the security of my hubby, my children, family & friends, they can’t go with me everywhere I go.

But He does.

The love of the Father,
the embrace of the Son,
the surrounding of the Spirit.
The Company who keeps me.
No matter which road I take.

I have some decisions to make as God awakens dreams & opportunities are making themselves known.

I am not sure the road I will be taking, beyond today. I cannot guarantee it will be a safe one…
I may make a mistake, step down too heavily or miss the turn off altogether.

I do know I am in the best Company each and every moment along the way.

So I am no longer fearful of losing a job or making mistakes, for I know my true place of belonging: safe in His embrace, come what may.

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