heaping coals

I have been reading twice in the past 12 hours about healing coals on your enemy’s head.

And God whispered a revelation deep within that I cannot rest until I share.

I know He is my Deliverer & Protector, He shields me & sings over me 24/7.

That does not mean the enemy will not try to take a pot shot.

It does mean I can send those of us he uses off with better than they give me.

I can choose to send them off with forgiveness, because this glory is living inside of me, this living ember of Presence constantly firing within.

Imagine hurting someone and being sent off with a kind word, smile of forgiveness, loving kindness offered despite offense.

That’s the kind of heaping coals I want to pass on to my enemies, and those who hurt me, each and every time.

Heap His love on them in such a way that it burns into their minds. and leads them to seek Him with their hearts.

For many of us need our minds to wrestle down what we cannot fully grasp before we will open our hearts to asking why.

Ask Him to help you heap the right words of Love onto the next person who hurts you.

Whether they are your family or friend, boss or coworker, acquaintance or stranger, He loves them.

As much as He loves you and I.

All the way to the cross.

Imagine the chance as we choose to respond with love instead of offense, with love instead of rebuke, with love instead of judgment.

That the pulse of His love would cause us to live & move & breathe in His Presence in such a way that those encountering us long for Who we’ve got.

Let’s spark a Love revolution about us which will catch on like wildfire as Holy Spirit flames it into revival, right wherever you are!

May the Love song burning within His heart catch fire as we heap Love upon one another.


Note: image found on Twitter, original owner unknown.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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