for the days you need extra grace

This morning, a delay due to a family member (who although needs the sleep caused me to leave 50 min late this morning) lead to to prime time traffic jam on the only day this week I had a vehicle to drive to work, versus usually taking the bus.

It became very apparent with three narrowing down to one lane heading in my direction that it was going to be a long congested ride.

God promptly met me there.

A new CD popped into the CD player, and my vehicle became a worship concert on the way to work.  Me offering up my worship in a concert of praise, adoration & proclamation.

Quite honestly, I didn’t want the ride to end when I got there.

When I got into work, I knew why He had prepared me with the longer hang out time this morning.

But I got today’s to do list completed, and a deeper appreciation of learning to go with His flow despite road jams, traffic snarls & drivers with missing signal lights.

He is with us each step, each drive we take. 

And especially today, as I head into rush hour traffic on my way home, I am so thankful He is heading out there with me.

Yesterday I drove through Toronto, and happened to catch a brief glimpse over my right shoulder of something shinishy glimmery there. I choose to believe He allowed me a glimpse of one of the angels He has assigned to keep me covered.

Soon after, the engine light came on.

Without panicking, and despite the major foot cramp which hit my driving foot, He kept me focused and calm as I drove my hubby home from a procedure at the hospital.

Yesterday evening, He spoke through one of small group members to remind me He has me covered, through a red umbrella image. His love both protects & covers us. 😉

He so goes before, behind and all around us, not just beside us, Beloved.

Ask Him for a closer glimpse, a fresh Word, or a deeper sense of His Presence today.

He longs to give good gift to those He loves, for He is a good good God!



Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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