hope to believe for beyond what we can see

Refusing to allow discouragement a resting place within me this morning.  I just know He’s got something great just beyond my sightline, so keeping my Hope despite the storm clouds.


How can you do that, you may be wanting to ask? You don’t know what I am going through.

Beloved, I may not have the same storms hitting my life, but none of us have lived filled with smooth sailing 24/7.  Whether it’s:
-hurtful words
-sick kid(s)
-a life threatening illness
-loss of a loved one
-divorce or separation
-piling up bills
-a nasty boss
-job loss
all of us head through the stormy seasons at some point.  Some of us feel like we can barely keep our head above the crashing waves for all the fiercesness of the Strom about us.

I get it.

But I know Who’s got me.

And how nothing happens He is unaware of.

Absolutely nothing.

This God who’s got me?

Will never regret having paid the price for me, nor abandon the one He loves so much.

Never ever, forevermore.

He continues to walk along side me. love up on me, speak words of encouragement and blessing into my life.

Every day, no matter the weather or season I am in.

So I refuse to give calamity or tempest more of my headspace than acknowledging they might be visiting for a while.

Because He is here, I can remain hopeful.

For my Hope is found in Him, the Living Hope for us all.

Not in smooth sailing or peaceful skies, but in the Maker of all Creation, the designer of it all Himself.

Join me in thanking Him for pouring hope into us each & every day. Some days He fills us beyond belief, so that on the harder days we still have His hope within us to draw from until we can cuddle in close to Him again, our Hope.

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