when what you long for doesn’t arrive in the package you expect


My hubby has had an unusual pain across his lower abdomen for six years now.  Two major surgeries later, we were recently directed to a particular ‘minor’ surgery which promised an 80% success rate of the nerve in question is causing his pain.

It became apparent yesterday that the procedure didn’t work.

And the faint hope which had arisen has fizzed out.

I know in my gut that there is a nerve which is being compromised causing this pain. All the recent reports agree.

I know God will restore my husband, for His Word promises He is our healer and He will make us whole.

This procedure wasn’t the tool in His hands that hubby thought it would be.

That doesn’t mean He is done with healing him. I reminded hubby yesterday that we just can’t see the how yet, but our Hope can still be found in Him.

Waiting for an answer to that deep down buried heart cry prayer you have poured out from the depths of who you are, with much tears & emotions intertwined?

He WILL answer you.

You may not be able to see how. but this God who promises good things for His people? He keeps His promises.

He is also the ever present Promise with you as you go.


Through everything.

You know how I know?

Jesus’ love for us kept Him on the cross, not just His desire to set the world right again.

His desire is for each of our world’s to be found in Him, each and every day.

I am choosing to fix my eyes on the Promise Keeper and my eyes peeled for the package He will use to answer my hubby’s & my prayers.

For my Deliverer is coming.

Active, alive, right there with us in the daily trenches as we battle to keep our peace & hope.

May He reveal Himself strong & present to you as well.

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