Sunday Psalm: Hope’s Anthem

The song lyrics to Hope’s Anthem is resounding through my heart this morning.

Its been a rough emotional week as I have been wrestling down discouragement & renewing my walk with Hope. 

This song is my new anthem, for my Hope is alive & arising within me from new depths today. 🙂

Sometimes what He has already spoken to another’s heart can become our anthem too.  This song encompasses where I have been and where I am headed. Straight into Hope’s embrace!


Hope’s Anthem – Bethel Music

He’s awakening the hope in me
By calling forth my destiny
He’s breathing life into my soul
I will thirst for Him, and Him alone

He has come like the rain
That showers on the barren plain
So my heart and tongue confess
Jesus Christ, the hope of man

My hope is in You, God
I am steadfast, I will not be moved
I’m anchored, never shaken
All my hope is in You

He’s bringing hope to the hopeless
And giving His heart to the broken
And sharing His home with the orphan
He is the joy, He is my joy

He is the hope of the nations
The Father’s heart we’re embracing
He is the song we’re declaring
He is the joy, He is my joy

Why so downcast oh, oh my soul
Put your hope in God alone

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