give thanks hopeful rant

This week, a weariness i rarely have experienced before has left me tired.

Not only physically.

I realized that I am tired of:

false campaign promises (like c’mon, when a flyer tells me that the Liberals will cut child tax benefit from millionaires, and we stopped getting it $90,000+ before becoming millionaires, hullo?!!!!)

companies continuing to call even when we tell them we are on the do not call list & will close our accounts if they keep calling

when you can’t get a straight yes or no answer to your question, when all the proof is clearly there and has been for quite some time

when people make a big deal out of a molehill, so much so what really matters become hidden in the process

On these kinda days, its always good to review your thankful list.

I am thankful for….

Without it, I would be missing out on all the blessings I have!

Without His, I wouldn’t have come to be.
The ones He brings me to keep me, no matter what the season. The ones that spark hope & joy on the dreariest of days.
The ones which I sing to Him in thanks for those He songs over me.

Without it, I wouldn’t be here.
Each hug, word of encouragement, free latte, ride to & from work, covering my shifts when I need time off, listening to me vent, praying for me

Without it, i wouldn’t want to be here. Because each new day He blesses me with is filled with a fresh clean slate!

Instead of fixing my thoughts & heart on wearies me, i choose to let what needs to go go, and cling to what adds life. 

To give Him thanks more than I whine.

To remind myself if the blessings of a life spent with & gifted from Him.



2 thoughts on “give thanks hopeful rant”

  1. I’m so glad David ranted (and ranted ) and also that he came to your conclusion in the end:Give Thanks! Love it!. I always need the reminder to Give Thanks! next to you at Intentional tuesday – and launching The Sisterhood of the Traveling (Give Thanks) Pillows soon!


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