Sunday Psalm: Give Thanks

Everything I am
comes from You
Your hand shaped my being
my gifts
my freckles
my smile
my love for music & word
All I am? Made by Your hands

Everything I have
comes from You
my family
my friends
my cat
my home
my jobs
my health
all I have?
Provision from Your hands

Everything I can be
comes alive from Your love
my slumbering dreams come back to life
my wrongs are laid to rest at the foot of the cross
my gifts are ignited by Your passion for Kingdom yet to come
my love deepens & takes root on the Rock
my hunger & thirst are satisfied by & in You
All I can be? Comes to pass in You

This thankfulness which wells up within me cannot be quenched in the storms, for Your Presence & Provision will never stop for Your Beloved. 🙂



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