wear love on the outside

Every time you walk into a room, (he) lights up. He practically wears his love for you on the outside of his body. – Susan May Warren

When you walk into the throne room, God’s eyes light up at the sight of you.

Like a honeybee attracted to nectar, He is immediately captured by your scent.

His Beloved is drawing close, and His heart skips a beat for joy.

He doesn’t just sit there and wait for you to walk closer, He gets up from whatever He was doing before you walked in, and He rushes to your side.

He doesn’t keep you at arm’s length either, Beloved. He isn’t just content to be with you, He is constantly touching you.  Wrapping you in His embrace. Wiping the tears from your face.
Laying your head on His shoulders to let you draw on His strength.
Whispering His Words of encouragement and purpose,
quietly singing His love song into your ears.  He reminds His angels where and when they are to act on your defense.

And you haven’t yet even said a word.

All He has for us is ours from the moment we accept Him as our Lord & Saviour, the Lover of our soul.

We didn’t need to do a thing to earn it.

But we need to nurture it with our faith, prayers and trust when the tornado winds begin to swirl and the warning sirens start their scream.

Our place is at His side.

Even if we don’t have the words to express all that is on our hearts and minds.

He is always waiting for us, the embodiment of Love in its purest and most lovely form.

Don’t miss out on the relationship you could have with Him because you have been hurt by love before.

Love like His, is not like how we humans stumble to love one another without Him.

His love is everlasting.

A free gift without strings.

A beautiful exchange of broken without a future to remade with purpose.

A love that laid it all down on the line, despite great cost to Him, on every level.

A love which always has its hands outstretched for you, with open arms.

Beloved, its time to come out of the shadows where you have been just existing.

You are made to be in His Presence. One with Him.

Today. ask Him to show you His delight in YOU.

Revel in the words of love He speaks over you.

Write them down as a reminder for the hard times up ahead.

Believe He loves you.

Then walk as His Beloved, head held high because you know the One who loves you so.

For YOU are His Beloved, and He is Yours, all the time, everywhere, forevermore.

It’s time to wear His love on the outside for all to see.

There is nothing more deep down attractive to the lonely than seeing someone in love.

For it gives them hope that love could be theirs.

Love is waiting for us to put on the coat of the Beloved, and walk with Him through every moment of our days.


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