I have a confession to make.

I recently had an edgier hair cut which is outside my comfort zone, and have felt off kilter ever since.

I feel flawed, even though apparently it looks good on me.

And as most of us women know, a bad experience over hair, let alone anything else of importance to us, can leave a wound which heals but leaves a scar, albeit a tiny one.

No matter the bumps 
No matter the bruises 
No matter the scars…

The cutting words which hit you like a wrecking ball.

The notice of your upcoming job loss.

When your friend turns their back on you, and you don’t know why.

No matter the hurt 
Or how deep the wound is 
No matter the pain…

We tend to look at ourselves as if we are reviewing our whole life history.

I needed to be reminded today, and suspect you may need this reminder too.

God only sees our highlight reels.

For everything we have given over to Him to be made right through the blood of Jesus, becomes covered in His love.

And He doesn’t see it or remember it anymore.

We are made new.


Still the truth is 
The cross has made 
The cross has made you flawless.

It doesn’t matter how battered or broken we come before Him.
We never leave His Presence without being changed for the better.

He is making us over into His image, the original He used as the basis for His design for humanity.


And do you see that?

God Himself is flawless.

He looks at His children and sees Himself radiating there.


Because He chooses to make us so, and continues to treat us as such.

I have never come into His Presence and seen anything less than love in His eyes.

Never ever.

When I am in His embrace, all the flaws and sin and imperfections flow out of me as I give them to Him, as part of my love offering to Him.

Part of our process of becoming flawless.

But in His eyes?

Because of His love?

We are already flawless.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you do or how you behave.

Beauty is in the eye of the purchaser, not what was purchased.

If you are His, signed, sealed and delivered through the cross, you are flawless.


May His Spirit soak His message into our hearts today.

He has made us flawless.
He sees me as flawless.
His Beloved is flawless.

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