Sunday Psalm: Renewed Capacity

The enemy likes to try and suck the hope and joy out of us, and diminish You in our eyes, O Lord.

Last night You spoke so clearly as You lovingly reminded Your Beloved that You are unchangeable. Never fickle. Always loving. Forever good and holy.

Your capacity to pour into Your people is not the issue here.

Our holding on to You and not letting our hope fizzle out and our joy wither is.

Because if we are allowing enemy lies to be counted as truth, the hope and joy we have in You will begin to fade.

Only You cause our gifts to grow.
Only You can restore our Hope when all is dark.
Only You can bring joy when we have been long in the season of waiting.

But you don’t just leave us where you find us, God.

You take us beyond to the next beyond as the love You have for us becomes deeper as it unfurls.

You don’t just restore us, You add an increased capacity to hold even more of You!

I give my “But God,” “Why me,” and “How long” into Your hands. and in a beautiful exchange, You pour out increased faith, love, joy and a fresh wind of hope to enter the empty spaces left within by my feeble doubts and insecurity.

All I have comes from Your hands.

I believe You have more in store for Your Beloved.

There is a release of sweet grace entering this space reserved for You.

There is a heightened awareness of Your love, the fragrant aroma of Your heart beating for me.

The capacity to hold truth is being enlarged as You increase my ability to hear, sense, taste and see You.

No looking back over my shoulder except to review the ways You have blessed me and rescued me.

Onwards towards all You have for Your Beloved!



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