refiner’s fire

It takes great courage to allow the fire to refine you when someone else is guilty of lighting the match.

-Susie Larson

How it hurts being set on fire.
Not just the betrayal of knowing you were someone’s target, but the pain, anger, heartache and hurt it can also ignite within us.

Yet that fire could help shape you for the better.

“C’mon…really?” you might be asking yourself right now. You don’t know my situation or what they have done to me.

That may be true.

But I have been abandoned, dumped, molested, date raped. I’ve miscarried, been separated, let go, ignored, been broke, and had hateful words hurled at me from the ones I love.

All of that only matters now because I allowed God to refine me through the painful fires of broken relationship.

Susie Larson goes on to remind us that nothing is wasted in God’s hands. Absolutely nothing.

I can attest to that, for God met me in each of the above situations head on, and as the dross was skimmed away in the fire of refining, hope was reignited each and every time. I am now stronger from the refining.

Hurt doesn’t have to shape you away from His Kingdom. 

The Master Potter awaits to repair the major cracks, smooth the rough edges away, freshen our glaze as He enters the refining fire along side us.

God never leaves us alone in our painful, hurting places of brokenness.

I have been blessed to have seen where He had been in a few of the traumatic events of my life. God gave me a picture of where He was within them, and it broke my heart for the better.

In each and every painful moment, God was there. Crying for my pain, interceding for my restoration, speaking love and hope over me.

It wrecks me each time I remember those images.

Unlike traditional pottery, the temperatures of His kiln are beyond our ability to withstand apart from the Presence of the Potter.

Just like Rack, Shack & Benny (Veggie tales renaming of Meshach, Shadrach & Abednego) the fire may appear to take our lives. Just as He did for them, God doesn’t leave His people alone in the fire. He enters in with us. (Daniel 3).

If you are in the middle of a period of refining, and feeling its shaping in all its uncomfortable awkwardness, do not fear.

God is with you.
God is reshaping you for the better.
God knows the plan He has for you, and it will come to pass.
He will make you all the stronger through it if you depend on Him during the refining.

For when we lay ourselves down and submit to His refining, more of His glory can be released through us. When the impurities leave, He has more room to shine within us.

If you are feeling the burn of refinement today, draw close to Him. His arms are about you, and He is holding you tight. Lean into Him, and allow Him to repair, restore and reignite you for His glory.  For The makes beautiful things out of the broken shards of our lives.


Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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