Sunday Psalm: broken cries


You hear my cries.

The ones deep down inside that I have never let see the light of day.

You understand the silent screams my tears represent when the words won’t come.

You hear the sobs I hid in my pillow late at night, where no one else sees.

Everything that matters to me,
all that hurts me,
each broken piece within me,
You are drawn to.

For You long
for Your Beloved
to be made whole.

Each part of me that is broken
You desire to fix.
Every wound You want to bind up.
In every point of exhaustion,
You wait to empower me
with Your strength

All the shattered shards
of my heart
You lay out
until it becomes
a new stained glass
as You make
something more beautiful
than I could imagine
out of the depth of my lows

when all I can see is
the swirling storm
from under the crashing waves
You are there

when all I can say
are the cries
from my broken heart
You hear me.

I never walk alone,
You are always with me.
For You not only
hear the cries of
each of Your Beloved,
broken though they might be
You answer each one.

For You are the answer
to the cries of the broken.
Each and every one.


Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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