Born is the King

Born unto us this day a Saviour
Gifted from heaven to a manger
The hope of the world
A light for all mankind
All of the earth rejoice
It’s Christmas time

So lift up your voice and sing out His praise, it’s Christmas!
Born is the King, rejoice in the day! It’s Christmas!
Make a joyful sound, it’s Christmas!
Let His praise resound – it’s Christmas!


There are many newer Christmas songs which have hit the market over the years…and this is a newer one by Hillsong which appeals to all ages.

For young and old are all bound to share the best news at the tops of their lungs, aren’t they?

Of all the kings ever of earth, only one was a King before He was born on earth.

Jesus stepped out of His Kingship to sleep in a Manger.

God with us, now one of us.

I can only imagine the stunned silence in heaven when Jesus disappeared in one second then reappeared in Mary’s womb.

No wonder the angels decided to give a heavenly show that night of Wonder!

And if Jesus had come today, I believe their song might have sounded a little like this new Carol from Hillsong.

Upbeat, with reverence yet joy filled wonder at what was unveiling before their, and our, eyes!

It is only four days from when we traditionally celebrate His arrival, this King being born to Mary & Joseph, a humble couple who served God with everything they had, despite their own misgivings at being chosen.

The Hope for the world born at Christmas time.

That, my friends, is a song worth singing over, and over, and over!


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