When the day goes awry

Today has not turned out to be the day I thought it would.

Some of my work didn’t get posted as usual, helping meditate between a child and their emotions, and the unwelcome addition of fleas moving in on my cat has jumped my stress level beyond its usual for a Monday.

There was one blip of a moment where I was about to let all of the above bring me a bit down.

But I was ready.

For I woke up this morning, immediately put on worship music, and read some verses in the Word which stirred my soul, reigniting my hope.

He reminded me before I needed it of His wonder, so i I wouldn’t  wonder at where He might be this morning.

For He is, was and always will be with me.

The wonder of Christmas isn’t meant to ebb when the holidays are over, the parties die down and the new year begins to unravel.

Christmas is only one part of His story to remind us He is with us.

As we journey into 2016, with all the highs and lows to come, may we never lose that wonder of her first time we grasped God was with us.

For the promise of God to come has arrived, and lives within us, every day.

Even the days with piled up laundry, emails left unanswered and a sad looking cat post bath!


1 thought on “When the day goes awry”

  1. I feel ya here, I have many a post not published because I feel inspired to share but have to put it on hold…then days or weeks later I keep coming back to these praying God will help me pull it all together and make sense of what I’ve written, so I can maybe encourage someone else out there. He is faithful though and sometimes just being transparent is what is needed, even if it doesn’t seem “pretty”…there’s moms like me who need to be reminded other’s are experiencing the same things and we can all encourage each other!

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