wonder with You

I spent some time studying the Word, editing and writing a few devotionals yesterday.

I was struck with wonder.

I had read each of those Words before, in fact I have memorized a couple of them.

But I never caught the bigger picture of the absolute lengths God would go to to try to reach His Beloved in quite the same way as I did through that one wonderstruck moment yesterday

Genesis alone is filled with the wonders of His might

He made the earth, the heavens and all the we could possibly see in its so we would have a place to live.

In the Garden, He walked and conversed with us freely, those He made in His own image to love.

In the Fall, He provided for Adam and Eve, and activated His long term plan for humanity.

In the Old Testament, He chose a family, then His people. He saved a remnant, freed a nation, and gave them a new land. He continually spoke love and hope, and reminded those He loved He was always with them, for them and able to help them.

He revealed Himself through His Word, His angels, the flame of fire, the brush of wind, the parting of waters, the glow of His glory.

He raised up leaders when His people needed them. And when they strayed, often as sheep do, He continued to lovingly round them up and help them start over. He knew that wasn’t enough to fix what was wrong with us.

So through the Word and His prophets, He told us of God-with-us yet to come, The Messiah, the Saviour of all.

And if that wasn’t enough to ponder and wonder over, then He Himself came to live among us.

Jesus, the face and flesh of the living God, within arms reach of His Beloved!

The compassion and care He offered all those who came to Him is astounding.

The Living Word spoke truth and hope, capturing our imagination and our hearts.

And if all that was still not enough, Jesus willingly walked in great pain to the cross, where battered and broken He tool the entire weight of sin off humanity, and bore it to death.

For you can’t start over until you fully erase your mistake.

And only God Himself could take the sin the enemy deposits within us, and uproot it so permanently that we can fully live as He always intended.

With Him, always.

Holy Spirit, Jesus, Abba Father.

Jesus came to restore what was destroyed in the first Garden, by taking the destruction we were due into His own hands and onto his own shoulders.

He made us clean, and freed us to truly live.

His followers were so filled with wonder at all He did before He heard back Home to heaven that they spread the Word far and wide.

Many millions have been struck with wonder when introduced to Him ever since.

And yet again, God doesn’t leave us there.

God gives us even more hope at the end of the Word when all we can see is the end of the world as we know it.

In Revelations, the last book of the Bible, God tell us Jesus will come back to once and for all defeat His enemy, gather up His Beloved in His embrace and the forever party in his Presence will begin!

When God gives you a highlight snapshot of the wonders captured in the Word, is it any wonder your heart begin to beat faster and you want to shout out with praise?

Get to know Him better today, Beloved.

Open the Word, and your heart.
Invite Him to reveal the wonder of who He is, what He has done, how much He loves you wherever you are at to you right here, right now.

The wonder of it all?

God Himself becomes our guide to getting to know Him better, deeper, fully.

And He has always wanted it so!

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