Sunday Psalm: encounter

As Your voice echoes
Your eternal song of invitation & welcome
I come
Hesitant at first
Unsure the invitation was addressed to me
You reminded me with a verse
My name is known to You
The Giver of all Life
and even my tears
Are of value to You

Throwing off restraint
I rush headlong into Your arms
To fins myself tightly embraced
As the aroma of Your grace
Wafts over me
Filling me with an
Overwhelming awe and wonder
That the God who made all things
Wants to spend time
With me

You remind me with a whisper
As I bow low before You
Under this weight of glory
I sense in Your Presence
“You delight Me, daughter.”
With that Word
I become completely undone

Knowing that You are
Restoring what has withered within with new life
Resurrecting hopes and dreams
Giving me new sight
Proving all things are possible
When they are left in Your hands
And I only take them back
If aligned with Your plan

I find myself overcome
With peace and passion
As I encounter You
The evidence of my pursuit
still vibrates deep in my heart
Mind spirit and soul
As i realize how much better
Life look when I leave You
The controls
And let You guide me along the path You best have laid out for me.
For all I am and have
Comes from your loving hands
And when we meet
You never fail to remind
of Your great love for me
and I cannot help
but pour out my love for You
In return

Where I delight to meet with You
and You delight to meet with me.



PS. Feel free to download this image as a Screensaver for your phone.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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