God of the second chance


“Oh no. I did it again.”

We all need do-overs, don’t we?

For if we knew then what we knew now, we would do it differently, wouldn’t we?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

The reality is:
●we don’t always think things through enough
●ask for help when we first need it or
●take the time to wait before we make our decisions

I can’t count the amount of times in my life when I have been weighed down by shame over the bad decision I have just made.

God has been reminding me through His loving whispers that he has a better way.


Because He is the God of second chances.

Just because I have a history of doing something wrong does not mean I have to keep doing it in the future.

When I bring my failure and shame to God, He releases me from my negative emotions.

Grace steps in upon our invitation, ushering in fresh hope, truth and love as He sweeps up the broken places within us. Moving us back into alignment with His ways, His heart, true rest.

God has never stopped offering second chances to all who ask Him for one.

And the grace we all find?

Isn’t cheap grace, like talking your way out of a parking ticket.

It cost God part of His very self.

His only Son.

God chose this way because He knew it was the only way for us to have a second chance.

Humanity needed a divine intervention of grace for us to have a hope for the future.

If you are needing a second chance, God is waiting to help.

For the Bible is full of stories of God giving His people a second chance.

And none resonate with me quite like that of Samson.

Samson’s kryptonite may appear on the surface to be women, and Delilah in particular.

But it wasn’t the root of the matter.

Samson mistakenly believed he was undefeatable.

He forgot to protect himself from himself.

For his own words to the wrong person is actually what lead to his defeat.

Yet God didn’t forget him, and restored enough strength to him when it mattered most to defeat the enemy.

No one is too far gone for God to give you a second chance.

We only need step of the driver’s seat and begin to allow the One who wants our best at all times to be our guide.

History doesn’t only record where we have been, but what we become.

Your story can become His story of grace lived through you, if you invite Him in.

Full of regret?
Come to Him.

Weary from the weight you carry?
Lay it down.

Ready for a fresh start?
New mercy and grace are yours, every day.

There is no time like right now for a
second chance through Him!

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