prepare the way for the King

How dare the nations plan a rebellion, ranting and raving against the Lord Most High.

Psalm 2:1a

I used to be stirred up with distress when I listened to or watched the news. 

Watching the Twin Towers under attack shifted something within me.

Not because of the fear it raised, but because of the faith it raised.

I heard increasing stories of heroism flood the airwaves. Police, fire fighters, the military, construction workers. Strangers, coworkers and neighbors. Families by choice and by design, supporting one another through grief and pain, in reunion and celebration. And it hit me.

What the enemy tried to stir up for evil in one part of a nation became a turning point for not only me, but millions more.

God stirred up willing hands to offer help.

God laid it on softened hearts to show compassion.

God whispered into listening ears to drop to their knees, and pray.

And God moved mightily.

What was an incident of intention for the rise of a nation under the enemy’s control was, has been and is thwarted by those who declare Jesus King over all.

Even when we cannot always see the immediate evidence in the moment.

The Word tell us in Psalm 2 what the nations are speaking and how God is declaring the truth.

Despite all the scheming and plotting of the nations and power brokers against God?

God-Enthroned merely laughs at them; amused at all their puny plans, mocking their madness! Then with the fierceness of His fiery anger He settles the issue, and terrifies them to death with these words: “I have poured out My King in Zion, My holy mountain.

Psalm 2:4-6

The Passion translation has a brilliant explanation for the bolded words of verse 6: “For the believer today, Zion is not only a place but also a realm where Christ is enthroned. Jesus was ‘poured out’ as a consecrated offering.”

God poured out a literal offering of His son to all the nations for their salvation. And out of His great love for His Beloved Son, He gave the nations to Jesus as His legacy.

And if that wasn’t enough…
Your domain will stretch to the ends of the earth. And You will rule over them with unlimited authority.Psalm 2:8b-9a

All the nations ARE under His rule.
The whole world is His domain.
And He rules with unlimited authority.

We don’t need to live in fear for what we see happening in the news.
The truth is God is aware, God’s got you, and God’s in control.

Even as we read how the rebellious nations are going to be crushed like jars of clay in Psalm 2, God doesn’t leave us there.

He reminds everyone to learn their lesson, and bow before the true King…

Serve and worship the awe-inspiring God. Recognize His greatness and bow before Him, trembling with reverence in His Presence. Fall facedown before Him and kiss the feet of His Son before His anger is roused against you. Remember that His wrath can be quickly kindled! But many blessings are waiting for all who turn aside to hide themselves in Him! Psalm 2:11-12

God always offers grace and mercy to those who need it, regardless of whether they deserve it.

Jesus IS the King, and will be returning to make everything right. To make a new earth, bringing heaven here to us permanently, forever.

So the nations may be blustering and trying to rise up against God, but He isn’t surprised by it.

He laughs at their futile attempts.

Jesus will ALWAYS be on the throne.

What we need to be focusing on, more than the news which tries to infuse us with fear, is the return of our King.

Prepare the way has been the good news cry of those who encountered God, and is to be our cry over all distress, storms or fears which try to cloud the truth.

May we continue to raise Him up as our banner, no matter what!


Join me as we dive in to the Word, and discover all He has to reveal to us about who He is and how much He loves us!

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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