My presence is the language of your heart you’re created to hear.

-God, via Jennifer Camp 

I love opening my personal email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts every day.

Because EVERY SINGLE DAY, one of my favorite writers or worship leaders shares a revelation about God I needed to hear, a friend shares a praise for an unexpected blessing or the good news which came their way, and encouragement flows.

(Not because I am addicted to them, for I have learned the value of rest, and the off button.)

I am very particular about who I follow. Working in social media, I have learned to discern a genuine person from a spammer/troll and to keep a singular focus as my goal.

If this person is not part of my supportive community or family, or this organization doesn’t have a passion to serve and/or bless His heart, I pass.

I don’t need naysayers to increase my fear or drive me into a tailspin of doubt. The enemy tries that enough on his own without me allowing him additional access.

God is always speaking to us, and as we all know, can use other people to help us catch the message He has for us in the moment.

But we are not just meant to solely dine at someone else’s table on their delicious meal.

We need to remember that God is speaking to each of us directly.

I have discovered the most important of all…

Coming into His Presence, and connecting to His love.

His Presence is the language I was meant to hear – face to face.

His love is the song I was meant to dance to – cheek to cheek with Him.

And if I am blessed, encouraged and energized to continue to seek Him with eveything fiber of my being by a tweet, a picture or a word? I will choose to keep allowing Him to use these tools to bless and challenge me.

We need community to help unveil God to one another.

And community simply means those who gather about a common person or idea. Both physically and virtually.

The Beloved is a community of many different sizes, colors, shapes and styles, reflecting the complexity of her Creator!

For you may be able to communicate a thought in such a way that a few people may have a new or fresh insight as to how much He loves them.  Or they dive right into the Word to discover God was waiting there for them. Or a prodigal comes to the end of themselves to discover the Arms of the One who was there the whole time. All because they were obedient to share what He was placing on their hearts for others to discover.

It’s time to encourage one another to seek God wherever He may be found, and discover the richness of who He is there!!!


Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

4 thoughts on “discover

  1. You write the words I need to hear this day. Your words are an encouragement to me as I press on writing what God puts on my heart, even as I question “Why am I writing?” Thank you for your wise, insightful thoughts and encouragement. Oh yes…His Presence is the language I too was meant to hear and write about.
    Through the miles, God has sent you as a sister in Christ for the journey. 🙂 Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great thoughts. God has been knitting a similiar thread in my life – reminding me that our relationship is unique and that of all the voices in my life, His needs to come first and be loudest. Ps. I love Jennifer Camp too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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