wide open spaces and places

When God releases us from sin, shame and guilt, He has wide open spaces and places for us within the safety of His loving embrace.

I am not the same person I was when God found me in the hole I had dug for myself through my pain, shame, sin and selfishness.

I can honestly say the only thing I like about who I used to be is His love for me in those moments.

That, and the fact He can use my history to help another discover Him in their story.

How about YOU?

Are you feeling squeezed tightly in the grips of regret, fear or shame?

Are you ready for Jesus to break your chains?

I want to offer you hope beyond where you are right now.

Because God never leaves us the way He found us. HE NEVER LEAVES US, PERIOD.

And He is just waiting to show you the expanse of life in His Kingdom.

With Him, you will find you are able to stretch and grow beyond your capacity.

For God takes willing vessels, and uses them as He purposed and planned.

Beyond our understanding, beyond our dreams, into the beyond of all He is.

It’s time to allow Him to take you out of the safe box of your making and lead you into the wide expanse of the Maker’s Kingdom.

This freedom can be yours as well.

Ask Him to begin the healing you are crying out for from deep within, where you think no one else can see.

He does.

Coz that’s where He met me, and began the healing I desperately needed and longed for in private.

I am not where I was when He found me, and I am not where I know He wants me to be, yet.

In the limbo of the past and future, I am discovering an expanse of grace and love beyond beyond, and invite you to join me there.

For I know He has more than enough room for you too!


Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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